TalentFund helped me through my candidate experience every step of the way from start to finish, ultimately playing the key role in bringing my job search to a successful end.  My recruiters ability to be very upbeat and friendly while always communicating in a timely and concise manner made for the best candidate experience I’ve ever had. They have a great network of connections and I certainly recommend anyone in the Kansas City area who is looking for new opportunities in the job market to contact them.

- John S. (Candidate)

I tried finding candidates via Indeed, LinkedIn, and three different recruiters and TalentFund provided three of the final five candidates, the top two finalists, and the candidate we hired.  They paid tremendous attention to what kind of experience we were looking for, who would fit in with our company culture, and the result was a home run hire.  I will be consulting with them again if another Finance/Accounting position opens up.

- Client

It’s been a great experience to work with the TalentFund.  I was contacted by a lot of recruiters but for me, the experience with them was simply the best.  I have never seen anyone so prompt, my recruiters response time was always within one hour.  The journey from the job application to joining the firm was only fifteen days.  She clarified all my doubts and also helped me throughout the process.  I am grateful for TalentFund and their process.

- Shalin P. (Candidate)

I really enjoyed my experience working with my recruiter and TalentFund.  They are a first class organization with a personalized feel.  Their follow-up and follow-thru truly impressed me after having experienced the recruitment process a few times previously.  My recruiter even showed up on my first day to deliver donuts for the entire team.  I couldn't have asked for a better start for my new career path!

- Ryan W. (Candidate)

As a candidate, casually seeking new opportunities, working with TalentFund made the job search process easier and more of a pleasure.  My recruiter was and still is always available to answer my questions and is easy to get in touch with over e-mail, call, or text. I believe she has found an organization that is a great fit for both me and my employer! I highly recommend working with them. 

- Claire H. (Candidate)

I have worked with TalentFund for a couple of years and they have been an asset to my hiring needs, their team takes a personal approach often not found in this industry to customize and fit the right approach for my organizations recruiting requirements. They truly listen and do a great job of putting forth candidates that are the right fit and has always made sure that I felt heard and was given excellent service.

- Client

TalentFund has been a core part of our recruiting strategy.  Their teams recruiting acumen and attention to detail are essential components necessary for filling our positions needs. Communication and transparency have been the strengths that differentiate their services from other recruiting firms we have tried in the past.

- Client

My experience with TalentFund was excellent.  My recruiter was extremely thorough and thoughtful and kept me well informed throughout the selection/hiring process.

- Natavis C. (Candidate)

As part of my search for new employment, I was privileged to work with TalentFund. My recruiters experience and input was invaluable and ultimately helped to identify, land, and negotiate my current position. Her knowledge of the work opportunities, interviewing suggestions, and availability for advice were a refreshing change during a difficult time. Her professionalism, planning and attention to detail made all the difference, and allowed me to obtain my position and my target compensation range. If looking for your next great challenge, I strongly recommend them!

- Jon H. (Candidate)

I am really impressed!  TalentFund is very professional yet in a casual comfortable way.  I have dealt with a lot of recruiters and headhunters in the past and she far out performs them all!  Most importantly is her communication with me, I have never questioned where I am in the process because she keeps me so well informed.  That has been a weakness with every other person I have worked with.  Regardless of the outcome in my situation I will be recommending TalentFund in general.

- Brad A. (Candidate In Process)

My experience with TalentFund has been phenomenal! I was contacted through LinkedIn, as my recruiter discovered my profile and relayed how closely my education and experience aligned with an exciting opportunity that was available. She was genuine, personable and honest in our interactions, ensuring that my career goals and aspirations were understood likewise confirming that the fit between myself and the hiring company was secured. I consider TalentFund to be invaluable throughout this process and appreciate the time, attention and care with which they operate their business. I wholeheartedly refer them to any job seeker and am eternally grateful for my personal experience. 

- Matthew H. (Candidate)

It went very well with both candidates. We appreciate you only sending us the best, you shine above your competition.

- Client